Memorable Moments That Showed Hugh Hefner’s True Love For Sports


Hugh Hefner lived his 91 years better than any dude could imagine. This man was said to at one point drink over 10 Pepsi’s a day. If that’s the secret to getting to 91, then sign me up.

He lived a fascinating life that will surely never be replicated. Apart from his public persona where he was constantly seen with beautiful women by his side, he was also a philanthropist, gave lots of money to charity, and was an advocate for free speech, civil rights, gay rights, and so much more. Oh, and he also loved sports. Many athletes graced the landscape of the Playboy mansion on the recommendation of Hef. Here are some of those moments captured.

Dr. Buss

The former majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and Hef were good friends. Hef used to go to a number of Lakers games and sit in the box with Dr. Buss. After Buss passed away in 2013, Hef said that he was one of his most special friends.

 The Fresh Prince

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Nothing like a little volleyball on the mansion lawn with some Fresh Prince of Belair stars. Let’s also assess Will Smith’s shorts which, if they aren’t iconic yet, they should be.


Two Kings

Wrestler Jerry Lawler made his way to the mansion a few times, one of which was to film a segment with former wrestler Sable, who is also pictured above.

Oh, The Bunnies

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Fun Fact: Hefners first real job was being a copywriter at Esquire Magazine, which is where his first inspiration came from for Playboy.