Kids Dressing Up As Their Favorite Athletes Is Everything We Need Right Now


Some of these kids knew the creative brilliance they were engaging in with their costumes, while others were merely canvases for their sports fanatic families to live out their doppelganger fantasies. Either way, the dedication to the costumes are incredibly admirable and utterly adorable.

Here’s a list of some of the best kids dressing up as their (parents) favorite athletes.

Andy Reid

If you don’t know what Andy Reid really looks like, don’t worry because this will give you a really good idea. The mustache, the glasses, the headset all form a strong Andy Reid base look, but the EYES are what really sell this costume. Reid has a blistering gaze that terrifies even the most brute athlete, and this baby has it down.

Johnny Manziel

You’ve heard of Johnny Football, and Scooby-Doo — but have you heard of Scooby Football? This costume is brilliantly playing off of the time Johnny Manziel dressed up as Scooby Doo while at Texas A&M. This kid doesn’t realize the creative wizardry of this costume.


Steph Curry

Twitter / @babylandon

Nicknamed “Stuff Curry”, this little guy is murdering the costume game. His parents saw some serious doppelganger potential with one of the most famous athletes in the world and it really, really works.

Chris Andersen

Our favorite Heat fan… @giannizandri

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NBA player Chris Andersen has a unique look that warrants itself to a killer costume. It’s hard to pull off a good Chris Andersen though because there are so many moving parts — the smile, the tats, the mohawk haircut, and the worst of all — having to throw on a Heat Jersey for the night.