Hilarious ‘Hold My Beer’ Moments That Had Me In Tears


“Hold my beer” is that thing people say before they do something incredibly foolhardy. If they were just going to tie their shoelaces they would have put the beer on the ground. If they were going to take a piss they would have taken their beer with them. No, the “hold my beer” request is a universal sign that something hilarious and stupid is coming. Your buddy thinks he’s going to do something sick that’ll get him plenty of cred on social media, but he’s not. He’s going to fail miserably because he’s drunk, but also because he’s an idiot. You gotta love those guys, though. They make great internet content.

What a hit

Buddy in the tank top comes flying in from the secondary on a safety blitz and lights up the quarterback just as he unloads the ball.

So close

The would-be surfer gets off to a great start and comes within inches of riding her first wave before biffing on a small sand mound and falling head first into the water.



This is a great idea. I can think of no possible way this goes wrong. A scantily clad female with a drink in her hand balancing on an unstable elevated surface above a body of water sounds like the recipe for safe, wholesome fun. Looking at it now, she probably should have asked someone to hold her beer. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, though.

Nailed it!

So this is what people do for fun out in the country. Our aspiring Redneck Olympic high jumper has the gold medal in his sights when he tries to set his new personal best by leap-frogging the biggest hay bale yet.