Fans Lost It When These Athletes Were Caught Tweeting During Games


Ever since social media became a platform used by athletes to communicate with their fans, major sports leagues have been cracking down on what their players can say, as well as when they can say it. For instance, NFL players are prohibited from posting an hour before and after games. Other leagues share similar guidelines. Though a strict social media policy doesn’t play well with First Amendment rights, professional sports leagues are places of employment, and social media, when unregulated, can be bad for business. Think about it, if athletes were allowed to post in the heat of the moment without the risk of league sanctions who knows what they might be saying. People were already freaking out over these in-game social media gaffs.

Trevor Bauer

Having a chance to close out the Yankees in Game 4 of the ADLS, Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Trevor Bauer only lasted an inning and two-thirds as he was lit up by the Yankee hitters for four runs. Bauer, who is known for being a bit of trash talker, was taking heat over Twitter from the opposing fans who thanked him for his miserable performance.

Block’em all, of course

Clearly upset by his performance, Bauer responded by blocking all the smug New Yorkers who were overwhelming him with trash talk. Apparently, his blocking spree began during the game. No word on whether any punishment will follow.


Pablo Sandoval

Then Boston Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval took a break during the game and returned to the locker room where he scooped up his phone, fired up Instagram and scrolled through some sultry picks of some hot women and liked a couple in the process.

The reaction

As expected, people freaked out. For one, Sandoval was being paid a lot of money by the Red Sox and he wasn’t playing well. So when fans found out Sandoval was scouting Insta-chicks instead of pitchers, they flipped. It’s also worth mentioning the team suspended him for a game due to the violation.