Extremely Drunk Fans Who Lived By The Motto “Blackout Or Back Out”


According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of a “blackout” is, “when you consume so much alcohol that your brain goes to sleep but your body gets all ‘eye of the tiger’ and soldiers on,” which is very accurate.

There’s a portion of sports fans who live by the motto “Blackout Or Back Out” (or BOOBO for short) which is in reference to their drinking habits. You’ll see these fans either being the designated driver or dry humping a hot dog stand — there is no in between. These fans are barely walking, barely talking, but very engaged in activities that will surely make them tough to employ. These are the members of the BOOBO society, and these are their stories. Dun Duh.

Planet BOOBO

Admit it, you’ve had undesirable seats at a game and you look down at everyone who is living the dream in the 100’s with a sense of disdain and envy. I know I’ve wanted to “pity puke” on everyone below me, but it would take being in a blackout to actually follow through with such an act. This guy reached planet BOOBO and celebrated by projectile vomiting on some unlucky Boston Red Sox fans.

Bama Gramma

Who let Grandma chug the rest of her vodka orange juice? WHO? We know after three shots she is absolutely prone to ninja punching opposing teams fans, WE KNOW THIS. And like clockwork, here she is hurdling a crowd with fists locked and loaded. Respect for that jump though.


The Hottest Blackout

Twitter / @MAYDAYLUH

The Bills Mafia are all drunks, but we love every second of it. Everyone is in a blackout because there’s really no point of remembering the game anyway when you’re team consistently puts out sub-par talent. This fan’s blackout takes him on a firey journey that I’m sure he’s happy he has no recollection of. Jumping onto a plastic table that’s engulfed in flames is the definition of the BOOBO mindset.

This Fan Shouldn’t be Running, Ever

Who told Randy it’s a good idea for him to calculate his 40 yard dash time after 16 beers and four shots of Jose? Blackout Randy can barely stand up straight, yet Blackout Randy really needed to prove his worth as a Chicago Bears fan. It didn’t go very well. He hit a pole. Mad respect for the BOOBO mentality though.