Epic Fan Fights That Should Be Featured At WrestleMania


Oh, sports, why do you have to always get the better of us? Sure, most games go by with no major incidents, but when fights break out in the stands, you’d better have your camera ready. When there’s well over 30,000 in attendance, a tight game, and alcohol consumption, things can go from 0 to 100 real quick.

Let’s indulge in some of the best fan fights that should be at Wrestlemania. By the way, imagine John Cena’s old walkout song when watching these fan bouts go down.

Night Night

This bout wasn’t really in the stands, but it’s pretty damn feisty. The Chiefs fan gets into with a Ravens fan, in BALTIMORE. One of them ends up knocked out cold which would make Butterbean somewhat proud of these bafoons. By the way, did I mention this happened during a preseason game?


A round of applause goes to this lady in the stands. Her man was struck in the head by two drunk Jaguars fans, but she gets even with them quick by striking a power of love punch in an act of retaliation. She managed to get one of the fans right in the kisser, but then again, no one really knows why exactly this fight broke out.


Frustration Level

When your team is one round away from playing in the World Series, fans will be on the edge of their seats. Some Blue Jays fans and Indians fans had their own bout in Toronto during the 2016 ALCS. The Indians would go on to appear in the World Series, and frustration mounted for Jays fans who have yet to see their team get there since 1993.

You Don’t Mess With Security

Drunken sports fans don’t have any common sense — trust me. In this video, it’s clearly obvious that these Canucks had a little too much to drink, don’t you think? It got so bad to the point where one fan started throwing punches at one of the security guards. Here’s a lesson if you dare to attempt this — security guards are big, and they’re trained to deal with this nonsense, so don’t screw around.