Dear Mom, You Are The Loudest Supporter And Our Biggest Fan In The Stands - 2/2


The Real MVP


Is there a more classic mom moment than this? There’s no real explanation behind this moment. Kevin Durant’s MVP speech was so emotional and showed that this is the kind of moment moms dream to have with their sons.

Birthday Spankings

Twitter / @RobGronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is one big kid, literally. He’s such a big kid that his mom still gives him birthday spankings and there’s proof! All in all, this looks like one funny family, I’m just glad it wasn’t his dad giving the spankings — that could get awkward fast.


Don’t Mess With Mama Iverson

When Allen Iverson got in trouble with the law, Mama Iverson came to her son’s defense. She went as far as accusing her daughter-in-law of being a liar and a cheat. Even if we make horrible mistakes in our lives, moms will always continue to be there for us.

Like Father, Like Son

Check out this awesome social media post between Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his mom. Junior posted a text conversation to his Twitter page, with his mom praising him for his racing efforts and compared his son to his father. Talk about high praise for one of the biggest names in NASCAR history.