Breaking These Unwritten Rules In Sports Will Be Sure To Vilify You


There’s a lot of rules in sports, and honestly many are warranted but some are just dumb. Despite leagues being run by a variety of unnecessary and binding regulations, there are also many rules that are unwritten, but strictly enforced.

Many of these “understood” rules are just as important as the actual one, which makes breaking them that much more drastic. If you break any of these rules you won’t be penalized, but you’ll be vilified and ridiculed for a while. Here are some unwritten rules that are cemented in sports.

The “Tennis” time out…

Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go. If you really want to kill your opponents buzz just take a bathroom break, and then another one, and then another one after that. If you say “Whew, I should not have eaten Mexican last night” you’re immediately cleared to take an extra 20 minutes on the can.

If you want to switch it up too you can fake an injury, or challenge a call that was blatantly out. It’s all about disrupting rhythm, and there are a few unspoken rules you can break that will achieve that goal. Ana Ivanovic demonstrates this perfectly in the video.

“You’re a bunt”

No hitters are a pitcher’s prized possession and they don’t happen often. There’s nothing worse for a team to lose a no-hitter because of a bloop single, or a weak infield dribbler. It’s a bigger buzzkill than having your teacher say “POP QUIZ” on a Monday morning.

There’s no better way to get a big target on your back than to come up late in the game and drop a steezy bunt up the third base line when the other team’s pitcher is dialed in and has a no-hitter.


Stealing is always bad…

Twitter / @SydCollado

Sportsmanship is overrated, right? If you’re up by double digits in the eighth inning, it’s an unwritten rule that you don’t keep stealing bases.

If your third base coach gives you the steal sign when you’re on first in a blowout, he’s basically telling you he hates you and that he gets off on seeing a fastball get thrown at you during your next at-bat.

Infield communication…

Communication is very important for infielders to maintain, and no one knows that better than Alex Rodriguez. After an easy infield pop up, the Blue Jays third basemen settled under the ball but let it fall because of A-Rod’s antics.

Nothing illegal about yelling “got it”, but it’s a pretty snakey move. It did score an extra run, so on the productivity scale, it was a 10/10.