Breaking Good: Awesome Gestures Of Sportsmanship That Deserve A Standing Ovation


Sportsmanship is what sports are all about. It’s about playing by the rules, fairness, discipline, and respect for the opponent. There are many athletes, players, and teams who are remembered for their acts of sportsmanship, and to honor those who showed that gesture, here are 16 athletes who should get a standing ovation for being a good sport.

Tribute To Philip

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Philip Hughes was an Australian cricket player who passed away after being hit by a bouncer delivery during a first-class match. It didn’t take long for the cricket world to come together to pay tribute to a fellow player. Players wore his number and his last name on their jerseys, and put their caps on their bats as an another tribute to Hughes.

Give It To The Goalie, Not Me

Pierre-Edouard Bellemare did not want to be given the Player of the Game award at the 2017 IIHF World Championship. Instead, Bellemare decided that his goaltender Florian Hardy (who made 41 saves) was much more worthy of the award than he was. Bellemare would skate over to accept the award before he called over Hardy to come pick up his hardware after France beat Finland 5-1.


Hey, Man, Keep Going, You’re Not Done!

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Leave it to Ivan Fernandez Anaya to show true sportsmanship. The Spanish runner gestured toward his opponent, Abel Mutai, to keep on running after the Kenyan runner mistakenly stops after he thought he had won the race. Anaya let Mutai finish in first place without taking over and beating him.

Consoling The Opponent

Olive Kahn was the captain for team Germany when they finished runner-up at the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Kahn drew millions of fans for his consoling of his opponents after his team defeated Bayern Munich in the final of the Champions League in 2001. While his teammates were celebrating, Kahn consoled Valencia’s goalkeeper and offered some words of encouragement.