Bizarre Products That Professional Athletes Shouldn’t Have Plastered Their Face All Over


There’s a lot of money to be made as a professional athlete on endorsements. Both players and companies are often very excited about working together as the company gets a big star to show off their product, while the athlete gets a lucrative paycheck.

Sometimes though, following the money as an athlete can lead to disastrous choices of product endorsements that lead to a lifetime of criticism and laughter at their expense. Here’s a list of athletes that have bizarre product endorsements that I’m sure they thoroughly regret.

Jimmy Johnson — ExtenZe

Hearing Jimmy Johnson spew the sentence “I say go long with ExtenZe” while talking about the male enhancement pill is a mental thought you’ll never get back.

It’s a product that’s never been scientifically proven to work, but, it gets Jimmy hard, so there’s that.

Tom Brady — UGG

Twitter / @aaronpk2510

No, this isn’t the ‘real’ advertisement, but it’s still kind of funny. Yes, Tom Brady is a God in millions of American’s eyes and can really do no wrong.
He was walking the line with his endorsement of UGG boots though.

Most people are unaware of the fact that UGG even has guys boots because most guys wouldn’t be caught dead in UGG boots. Not Tom Brady, I guess.


Carsen Palmer — John Morrell Hot Dogs

Twitter / @PERKINS

There’s nothing wrong with an NFL player endorsing a hot dog company. Hot dogs are a big part of football culture so there no harm or foul there.

The hilarity ensues with… well, just look at the ad. Look at his face. It’s all there.

Akinori Otsuka — Corky’s Pest Control

If you don’t have 30 seconds to waste on watching Akinori Otsuka awkwardly try to hit ants off of a picnic table, do yourself a favor and watch the last 10 seconds.

The “Hi-Ho, Hi- Ho, off to work we go” arm swing mixed with the Corky’s Pest Control jingle will make your day. It’s even funnier when you know Otsuka doesn’t speak any English so he has no idea what he’s saying.