Athletes Who Set The Bar For Dressing Up For Halloween


Halloween stands alone as that holiday that doesn’t include turkey, ham, or some critical moment in America’s history. It’s basically one big celebration of shenanigans, candy, and outlandish costumes. But when it comes athletes, some go all out, whether it’s trick-or-treating with their kids or going to a spooktacular Halloween party hosted by one of your teammates.

They put in time and effort into their busy schedules to produce some of the best and most creative costumes. Let’s take a look at some athletes who went all out for Halloween. There’s the evil Bowser, Dr. Evil, and a hilarious look-alike costume from a great snowboarder.

Purple Rain

Instagram / @subbanator

P.K. Subban’s made a touching tribute to the late Prince, but there’s a twist. Subban dressed in the same way as comedian Dave Chapelle when he appeared as Prince in his comedy show. Let’s face it, Subban is on point when it comes to dressing up for Halloween — just look at his costume the year he went as Michael Jackson!

It’s The Great Big Pumpkin!

Twitter / @CaroWozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki is cute enough to pull this off. It also reminds me of the classic It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. But my biggest concern — how exactly did she get into this big pumpkin? Hopefully, she didn’t get stuck for long but the smile on her face makes everything so much better.


Wrecking Ball

Twitter / @SmithShocks888

This costume of Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux sums up their run in the 2016 Rio Olympics (Leroux wasn’t on the team, but still). Yes, it was a wrecking ball, but this costume is pretty good. Morgan is in the twerk stance of Miley Cyrus and Leroux is Robin Thicke. I’d rather see this twerk move from these ladies over Miley Cyrus.


Twitter / @GingerProblems

Who would have thought that Wendy’s and Shaun White had so much in common? They look so identical that White could be the long-lost twin of the famous burger franchise. But really, he probably doesn’t care since he is one of the most decorative snowboarders to ever come across the sport.