Athletes Who Have Had Humiliating Experiences Trying To Slide Into Twitter DMs


Shooters shoot, and senders send. The success rate of professional athletes sliding into the DMs of fans and other random people on Twitter is probably pretty high. For every rejection, there’s probably 50 other success stories that you never hear about. But, that doesn’t make the public rejections any less funny and humiliating.

There are many different ways that you can approach DMing someone, and fortunately for us, many athletes choose the wrong one. With many fans and sexually adventurous side pieces only a DM away, sometimes athletes get caught thinking with their knobs instead of their brains.

Without further ado, here are those athletes.

The Art Of The Slide

First off, let’s clear the air here before we get to the humiliating section of the article — athletes generally are pretty open about sliding into the DMs. It?s not really taboo and in fact, it’s kind of expected throughout professional sports.
It kind of makes you wonder why there aren’t more of these interactions publicly shared and it’s a bit frustrating in my opinion. We want more.

Kristaps Porzingis


Kristaps Porzingis was probably scrolling through his Instagram feed and came across this bombshell, to which he had let her know where he stands on her appearance.
He was almost immediately shut down by a commenter who told him that she was born in 1999 which would’ve made her 17 or 18. He then bailed out quicker than Scooby Doo once he gets duped by the monster.


 Joffrey Lupul

Twitter / @ChelExposed

NHL player Joffrey Lupul was looking for pictures of her new, uh, riding lawn mower, we think. These pictures couldn’t be sent in the DMs presumably because they were too PG?

Either way, Lupul even goes as far as to appeal to “the love of God” in an assurance that she’s not going to show her friends that she’s emailing pictures of her new assets to the hockey star. Obviously, that didn’t go so well.

A Visual Representation Of Sliding Into The DMs

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So far, things have been pretty innocent. But trust me, some athletes slid right into disaster. Check it out on the next page!