These Athletes Have Really Weird Hobbies


Major professional sports are full of strange people with way too much free time on their hands. When they’re not putting in hard work on the field, training at the gym or giving back to their communities, they’re pouring money into anything that’ll help them pass the time. Most athletes stick to conventional hobbies like cars, clothes, shoes, and gambling. Others get into some weirder stuff. Here’s a list of some of the stranger athlete obsessions below.

Mike Tyson races pigeons

Twitter / @chelachubby

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing Champion of the world, is no longer a fighter — he’s a lover. His love is for all things, but specifically pigeons. Tyson has raised thousands of pigeons, which he apparently races. It’s a weird hobby, but it’s also very endearing.

LeBron James loves cereal

Twitter / @AbdullahShafiq5

When Lebron was a kid, his mother forbade him from eating sugary cereal. Now, they’ve become sort of an obsession of his. He’s gone on record saying he loves to eat Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Nike even designed him a Fruity Pebbles themed custom shoe.


Wade Boggs is the “Chicken Man”

Twitter / @LouFlynn_ted9

The Hall of Fame third baseman Wade Boggs was given the nickname “Chicken Man” because he would eat an entire chicken before every single one of his games. In case you forgot, the MLB is played over a 162-game season, meaning players can go a full week without a day off.

Marshawn Lynch’s power pebbles


This story blew up when former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was pictured on the sidelines after a touchdown snacking on Skittles. Apparently, his mother used to give him the bean-shaped treat before games, telling him they were power pebbles. I guess the habit stuck.