Admit it, These Super-Animals Are Far Better Athletes Than You


Welcome weekend warrior athletes! Prepare to be minced of all your self-confidence in one article. Look, sometimes we have to accept that animals are just better in almost every way. Cuter? Yes. Better washroom habits? Definitely. Cooler Language? Oui. More chill life? Uh huh. And to top it off, they also tend to be better athletes.

This article puts your mediocre athletic ability into perspective and then just stamps on it in the mud — with Crocs. Ugh. Anyways, here’s animals that are doing better than you at sports.

Horse Sled Racing

It’s like a combination of chariot racing from the medieval times, chuck wagon racing that you see at rodeos, and a Budweiser commercial full of massive horses that could sneeze and knock you off your feet.

Elephant Soccer

Elephant soccer from theocho

Imagine getting hit in the head by a ball that was kicked by an elephant. I can’t, but this person can. If you look closely, that ball goes right into the crowd and fully takes out a spectator, and it couldn’t be funnier.


“Bulling” Bubbles

I don’t think you’re ever supposed to have a bad time while in a bubble, but man that can’t be a good time. These bulls send these bubble boys flying and I’m getting whiplash just watching it.

Franklin vs Bugs

Slow and steady wins the race. In this case, that’s literal. As you can see, the hare got off to a quick start (JUST LIKE IN THE STORY), but his stamina and concentration faded. As soon as he thought about carrots, it was over.