20 Fans Of The Cowboys And Cardinals Who Are Hot And Ready For Monday Night Football


The football season’s been kind of ‘meh’ so far. Sure, we’ve had the whole Kareem Hunt explosion, and Tony Romo’s actually been pretty good in the broadcast booth… but where is all the scoring? Honestly, it’s been kind of tough to watch some of these games. If I wanted to see a bunch of grown man fail to score, I’d hit up happy hour at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Hopefully, that all changes with this Cowboys-Cardinals game, because both these teams started off the season with Super Bowl aspirations. So here are 20 things to watch for this week. Of course, if you’re just here for the eye-candy… frankly, I don’t blame you. It’ll probably be easier on the eyes than Zeke’s crop top.

Is Old Man Carson Over The Hill?

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Carson Palmer’s already retired once before, but he’s been able to revive his career in Arizona. That said, ever since his dreadful playoff performance, he hasn’t looked quite right. The Cards don’t have many options behind him, so they’ll keep trotting him out there. Palmer has been steady but not spectacular, and the offense could really use a jolt.

Is Dak In A Sophmore Slump?

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Sure, it’s only been two games, but you can see that this year’s team isn’t the same as last year. For one, defenses have tape on Dak Prescott, and have definitely used the summer to gameplan for him. The whole Zeke suspension story has definitely zapped some energy out of the team, and Dak’s two main targets aren’t getting any younger. He’ll have to continue to take a big step forward this year, and the Cards secondary is always a tough out.


Who The Hell Is Going To Run For The Cards?

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I know it’s Week 3, but me and my fantasy team are still mourning the loss of David Johnson, who underwent wrist surgery after Week 1. The healing process is slow for both Johnson and me, but it’s time to move on. The Cards run game also needs to move on, and bringing in Chris Johnson is apparently the answer. The former CJ2K can clearly run, but what can we really expect from him? I’m betting he’ll get 12-15 carries, and hopefully rattle off one or two big gains for about 60 yards on the night.

Can The Cowboys Get The Ground Game Running?

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Last year, Ezekiel Elliott put up a historic rookie campaign. Now he has a suspension looming over his head every game he plays, and was just bottled up by the Giants for a grand total of nine yards. Not great. Now he has a stout Arizona defense to try and move the chains against. He pretty much has to get more than eight carries on the night, so it’s pretty easy to expect a better game out of him.