16 Moments When Fathers And Sons Shared A Bond In Sports


In sports, we have witnessed many inspiring father-son moments that are too good to be a Hollywood movie. Okay, I might be exaggerating since the Ball clan has taken the sports world by storm, and Lonzo has yet to play his first game in the NBA — the hype is legit. But don’t let that annoy you, there are some super intriguing moments in sports that brought fathers and sons closer together than ever before. Seeing the influence athletes have on athletes, here are 16 moments when fathers and sons shared that special bond in sports.

Family Matters

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The two McMahon’s squared off in a no-holds-barred street fight at Wrestlemania 17. Shane would come out on top as the victor, but it wasn’t complete without the whole McMahon family in attendance. Daughter/sister Stephanie and mom/wife Linda got in on the fun as well.

Be A Coach Not A Dad

Despite the controversy between the two, Austin and Doc Rivers faced many challenges in Los Angeles. However, Austin would make quite the impact in his first playoff appearance with the Clippers. Coming off the bench, Austin drained 25 points in Game Three of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Rockets. It’s the one example where Doc had to be a coach and not be such a demanding father.


Baltimore Ripkens

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Before the Griffey’s, history was made courtesy of the Ripken clan. Billy Ripken joined his Hall of Fame sibling Cal Jr., on the Orioles, who were managed by their father, Cal Sr. This was the only time in MLB history that a father managed two sons on the same team at the same time. The elder managed his sons from 1987-1988.

The Golden Jet And The Golden Brett

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Bobby and Brett Hull remain the only father and son to score 50 goals in a season and 600 or more in their respective NHL careers. Both have their names engraved onto the Stanley Cup, and both have won the Hart Memorial Trophy as the League MVP. They showed signs of explosiveness during their careers as both father and son are one of the many duos enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame.