16 Athletes Who Stay Woker Than The Rest Of Us


We’ve seen this term come up a lot lately: “Stay woke.” It’s a hashtag, it’s a meme and it’s something people say to each other in conversation. What the hell does it mean, though? As far as I know, “woke” it’s a byword for awareness and skepticism. It describes someone who is so culturally and politically aware they’re able to think critically and challenge popular opinion. It’s also used ironically to describe wack jobs and conspiracy theorists who claim to have a more informed perspective of the world. This article relates to the latter. From flat-earthers to Michael Beasley, this list has all the wokest athletes in sports.

Dennis Rodman

Instagram / @dennisrodman

This guy woke up way before the rest of them. He’s been living his life on another level, potentially another planet. He’s someone whom’st leveraged this fine-tuned political awareness into close relationships with both the President of the United States and North Korean president Kim Jong Un.

Metta World Peace

Twitter / @letisnappp

Ron Artest legally changed his name to Metta World Peace in 2011. He said his name was meant to inspire future generations to live peacefully. World Peace also did a stint in an Italian professional basketball league where he wore a jersey that read “The Panda’s Friend” on the back.


DeMarcus Cousins

Twitter / @zesty_pelicans

Part of being woke implies a high level of self-awareness. Boogie is as self-aware as they come. At the All-Star game in 2016, Cousins admitted that he’s an “ugly dude” saying “Some people like it, some people don’t. It’s just my face.” Stay woke, Boogie.

Rajon Rondo

Twitter / @BradRza

Rajon Rondo is one of the most perplexing basketball players in the NBA. His personality falls somewhere between weird and quirky. He’s superstitious (see Rondo tipoff ritual) and is a master at the game Connect Four. And, he’s good pals with Boogie. Woke people joke together.