15 Things About The Legendary Emmitt Smith You Might Not Have Known


Emmitt Smith is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher. Emmitt Smith is a Cowboys icon. Emmitt Smith spells his name with two “m’s” and two “t’s.’ Cool facts for sure, but is that all there is to know about this football legend?

There’s always more to learn in the world, so let’s start with a deep dive on Emmitt Smith. Even the biggest NFL fans will be shocked by the end of this list.

He Could Have Been A Contender

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While Emmitt Smith was more than a contender in football, he succeeded in other hobbies as well. In 2011, Smith competed in the Heads-Up Poker Championship. There, he beat poker pro David Williams in the first round.

As luck would have it though, Smith then lost to Andrew Robl in the second round, but Smith gave him a good fight.

We Need More Emmitt On T.V.

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Emmitt Smith is a natural actor and comedian. One of his funniest moments came during a cameo on the hit CBS show How I Met Your Mother. In it, a character asks Smith “what’s more important than football?”

Smith replies “dance, my friend. Dance.” This, of course, references Smith’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars.


Dreams Beyond Football

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Before becoming the NFL star we all know and love, Smith had different dreams of becoming an architect. He never quite followed through with them, but now he’s attempting to open a sports shop in DFW International Airport.

He should call it “Scoey’s” after his childhood nickname.

Following Through On Promises To Mom

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Did you promise your mom something you never followed through on? Shame on you. Before leaving school early to play in the NFL, Smith promised his mom he’d return for a degree.

A man of his word, Smith did go back and received a Bachelor in Science in Recreation from the University of Florida.