15 Really Compelling Reasons You Should Never Forget The 2006 Rose Bowl


On September 16, 2017, The University of Southern California and The University of Texas squared off for the first time since the 2006 Rose Bowl. While this game’s 27-24 USC Trojan victory was certainly a good one to watch, it was merely a reminder of that 2006 championship game which many call the best in college football history.

If you don’t remember the details of this historic event, don’t worry. We’ll present 15 compelling reasons you’ll never forget.

This Is How You Know It Was A Special Game

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When the losing quarterback says it was “the greatest game ever played in college football” then you know something’s up. USC quarterback Matt Leinart didn’t go home with the trophy that day, but even he is smart enough to realize just how historic the game was. Years later, the FOX sports analysts looked back at what went wrong.

Giving Credit Where Credit Was Due

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Where most athletes would be bitter about losing the national championship, Leinart looks back on the experience with wisdom and grace. It’s tough because USC was so close to sealing that victory, but they made some mistakes in the end that cost them the game. Still, Leinart says to “credit Texas… as I’ve gotten older, I just think more about being a part of that game, just the history of it.”


The Night Young Became Legendary

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At that point, Vince Young already proved to the world he was a star, but the 2006 Rose Bowl catapulted the young QB into legendary status. The highlight of his performance was surely the dashing run within the last minute of the game. On fourth and five, Vince Young scrambled under pressure but snuck his way into the end zone to seal a Texas victory.

Now, let’s look at the finer details of Young’s record-breaking performance.

Rewriting The History Books

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That day, Vince Young went for 30-of-40 passing for 267 yards. Nothing too crazy, but when you add in his 19 rushing attempts for 200 yards and three scores, you see this wasn’t just an average day for Young. With 467 total yards that day, Young set a Rose Bowl record. In 2016, USC quarterback Sam Darold broke the record with 473.