15 Colleges That Use Adorably Tough Live Animals As Their Mascots


What’s the point of attending a school if it doesn’t have a super cool mascot? When it comes to mascots, college football programs rely on standout talent. Plenty of teams from across the country get the crowd and players into the action with live animals, which are a huge improvement over the typical “guy in a cowboy outfit” shtick. We take a look at 15 exhilarating animals that have graced the football field as mascots.

Like Mike

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Since 1936, Mike the Tiger (HIS NAME IS MIKE!) has been Louisiana State University’s official mascot.

The Bengal tiger is named after athletic trainer Mike Chambers, who delivered the animal to the campus. Before the death of Mike VI in 2016, the tiger would often be placed outside of the opponent’s locker room during a game.

Hook ‘Em Horns

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In 1916, the University of Texas at Austin was given Bevo as a gift from alumni Stephen Pinckney. As one of the most iconic live animal mascots, some players will greet the steer whenever they score a touchdown.


Hey Bulldog

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Since 1889, Yale University has been the home of live mascot, and ultimate good boy, Handsome Dan.

The bulldog was originally chosen due to its dislike of tigers, the mascot of rivals Harvard and Princeton. The current Handsome Dan is under the ownership of Yale assistant athletic director Kevin Discepolo.

Billy Goat Hill

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As the Navy Midshipmen mascot, Bill The Goat, has a legacy spanning over 100 years.

On numerous occasions, members of the opposing team would kidnap the goat before a big game. The goat is taken care of by Team Bill, which is a squad of naval cadets from the United States Naval Academy.