10 Best September Moments In New York Giants History


Just off the top of our heads, it would seem like teams such as the Packers, Cowboys, or Patriots would be considered some of the greatest NFL teams to ever exist. Although, the New York Giants have existed since the early days when the league first existed. The Giants have racked up some memorable moments in their history, including one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history.

So, here’s one for all the G-Men supporters out there — a top 10 list of the best September moments in Giants history.

The First Manning Bowl

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Peyton and Eli played against each other three times in their careers. Of course, big brother defeated little brother in all three games, with the first Manning Bowl occurring back on September 10, 2006, which the Colts won 26-21 against the Giants. Too bad nobody was clever enough to come up with a Manning-esque Trophy to commemorate the winner in each Manning Bowl.

Most Sacks

A rough start for the 2007 Giants season quickly turned around in their Week Four bout against the Eagles. The Giants recorded an NFL record 12 sacks on Donovan McNabb, with half of those sacks coming from Osi Umenyiora alone. It’s a safe bet that the Giants reputation as a talented pass-rushing team was reborn, giving the team an identity on the national stage against the Patriots.


Defense Takes A Stand

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A goal-line stand in a Week Three matchup against the Redskins provided one of two turning points in their 2007 season. The inspirational story for Colonel Greg Gadson lifted the entire Giants squad and the Redskins failed to complete the comeback. The Giants narrowly avoided going 0-3 to start off a remarkable season in franchise history.

Odell’s 200 Receptions

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After his infamous catch in his impressive rookie season, Odell Beckham Jr. was about to do something no other NFL wide receiver would think was possible. On September 26, 2016, Odell recorded his 200th career reception in just his 30th career game against the Redskins. Not a single player in NFL history has reached that milestone faster than Odell.